Statistics for generated the Sunday July 14th, 2024
Variable's name Explanation Variable's value
$BBC_MAINSITE If this variable has been set, a link to the specified location will be generated. The default value is pointing to the parent directory. In case your main site is located elsewhere, you probably want to adjust the value to suit your needs.
$BBC_SHOW_CONFIG BBClone defaults to revealing the stats' settings. In case this behavior isn't desired you can deny access to it by deactivating the option.
$BBC_TITLEBAR The title of your stats pages.
It will be displayed in the navigation bar of all BBClone pages
The following macros are recognised:
  • %SERVER: server name,
  • %DATE: current date.
HTML Tags are allowed.
$BBC_TITLEBAR = "Statistics for %SERVER generated the %DATE";
$BBC_TITLEBAR = "My stats from %DATE look like this:";
Statistics for %SERVER generated the %DATE
$BBC_LANGUAGE BBClone's default language, in case it hasn't been specified by the browser. The following languages are supported:

ar, bg, bs, ca, cs, da, de, el, en, es, fi, fr, hu, id, it, ja, ko, lt, mk, nb, nl, pl, pt, pt-br, ro, ru, sk, sl, sv, th, tr, ua, zh-cn and zh-tw

$BBC_MAXTIME This variable defines the length of an unique visit in seconds. Each hit from the same visitor within this period will be considered as one visit, as long as two successive hits don't exceed the specified limit. Default is 30 minutes (1800 seconds) but depending on your needs you may wish to assign a different value.
$BBC_MAXTIME = 1800;
$BBC_MAXVISIBLE How many entries you want to have listed in the detailed stats? The default value is 100. It's recommended not to set it higher than 500 to avoid too heavy load. 100
$BBC_DETAILED_STAT_FIELDS The variable $BBC_DETAILED_STAT_FIELDS determines the columns to be displayed in the detailed statistics. Possible columns are:
  • id => The x-th visitor since you've started counting
  • time => The time at which the last hit was registerred
  • visits => The hits of one unique visitor
  • dns => Visitor's hostname
  • ip => Visitor's IP address
  • os => The operating system (if available and/or no robot)
  • browser => The software used for establishing the connection
  • ext => Visitor's country or extension
  • referer => The link from which a visitor came (if available)
  • page => The last visited page
  • search => The search query a visitor used (if available)
The same order you've arranged the columns will be used for display.
$BBC_DETAILED_STAT_FIELDS = "id, time, visits, ip, ext, os, browser";
$BBC_DETAILED_STAT_FIELDS = "date, ext, browser, os, ip";
id, time, ext, dns, visits, os, browser, referer, search
$BBC_TIME_OFFSET In case the server time doesn't match your local timezone, you can adjust the time in minutes by using this switch. Negative values will set back the time, positive ones will set it forth.
$BBC_NO_DNS This options defines, whether IP addresses should be resolved to hostnames or not. While hostnames tell a lot more about the visitor, resolving them may considerably slow down your site, if the DNS servers used are slow, limited in their capacity or otherwise unreliable. Setting this variable may solve the problem.
$BBC_NO_DNS = 1;
$BBC_NO_DNS = "";
$BBC_NO_HITS BBClone's default is to show hits in the time stats, because it gives a quite useful Impression from the actual server load. If, however, you prefer to use unique visits as base for your time stats, you can change the way of counting by setting this variable.
$BBC_NO_HITS = "";
$BBC_IGNORE_IP This option can be used to exclude particular IP addresses or address ranges from counting. In case you want to add several expressions use a comma as separator.
$BBC_IGNORE_IP = "127., 192.168.";
$BBC_IGNORE_IP = "";,,,,,,,,
$BBC_IGNORE_REFER In case you don't want to have particular referrers from your visitors listed in your ranking or detailed stats, you can specify one or more keywords used for blocking if a referrer matches up against them. If you use more keywords, please use a comma as separator.
$BBC_IGNORE_REFER = ", .escort.";
$BBC_IGNORE_BOTS You can use this option to determine the treatment of robots. The default is to ignore them in the top hosts ranking but leave them in the remaining stats. If you don't want to see any robots at all you can set this option to "2", then only human visits will be taken into account.
$BBC_IGNORE_AGENT This option defines how BBClone tells one visitor from another. Default is to use the IP address only, which provides realistic figures in most cases. If, however, your visitors often are hidden behind proxy servers, deactivation of this option could provide more realistic figures, since a new visitor will be assumed by the time the user agent has changed.
$BBC_KILL_STATS Whenever you wish to reset your stats you can activate this switch and have them deleted by the next visit. Don't forget to deactivate it afterwards, else you'll probably experience unusually low traffic ;).
$BBC_PURGE_SINGLE Host and referrer stats can generate a huge amount of data, however mostly caused by one time visitors. By enabling this switch you can purge these entries and considerably shrink access.php in its size without affecting your actual visible host and referrer ranking. The amount of hits will be added to the "not_specified" entries to keep the overall score intact.

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